Bananas: Health benefits, tips, and risks

Bananas are one of the most consumed fruit all over the world because of its benefits it has all health benefits. nowadays bananas are grown in more than a hundred countries and it is on the fourth number of most grown food crops in the world in monetary value. Banana helps the body to control the high level of blood pressure and sugar level keep an individual healthy and fit.

Health benefits

Bananas have lots of important nutrients in it : Banana contains over 90% of calories in eight also banana contains a decent amount of fiber and a very low amount of protein and fat in it. Bananas are mostly used in bodybuilding. To increase our weight.

Bananas have a high amount of Potassium: bananas are helpful in increasing our weight it is a major dietary source of potassium. Bananas have the amount of potassium in it which helps in lower blood pressure also helps in keeping our cardiovascular system healthy a high amount of potassium reduces the risk of heart diseases and heart strokes.

Keeps the digestive system Healthy: It helps in removing impurities from our body and also removing bacterias present in our digestive system by cleaning our stomach. Banana acts as a natural impurities cleaner. Also, it help in repairing our digestive system and making our immune system strong.


Bananas are helpful in taking in diabetes if you are a person suffering from diabetes eat 3-4 bananas daily your diabetes will be settled down. It also gives your body hydrated and removes all the impurities from our blood and makes our brain work effectively.

Bananas are very nutritious lots of fiber potassium vitamin C and vitamin B6 are present in banana this nutrition has several health benefits such as healthy digestion and keeping our heart healthy.

Bananas are taken by some well-known athletes as it provides a bunch of mineral content in it. And easily digested. It provides a high amount of carbs generally our body uses carbs for making glucose energy.


It has lots of benefits because it comes with lots of minerals and vitamins in IT each of the mineral and vitamin present in banana have different feature and different for which is beneficial for our body some of them are given below.

Around 9% of potassium in it

Around 33% of vitamin b6 present

Around 11% of vitamin c present it

Around 8% of magnesium present in banana

10% of copper found in it

14% of magnesium

3.1 gram of fiber


There are no major issues or adverse side effects are seen by eating Bananas. everything is good when you take it in a proper amount if you overdose it will definitely cause some side effects. same thing with bananas if you take banana in a proper amount it will never harm you if you overdose it. It will definitely show you some side effects. Bananas has a lot of magnesium in it. Magnesium is a source of mineral which plays hundreds of role in keeping us healthy and fit in our body magnesium is helpful against fighting with heart diseases and two types of diabetes.

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