10 health benefits of Avocado

Avocado is a very unique fruit available on the planet right now it has some major benefits which can help in our health it is mostly used in bodybuilding also in many things.

After studies, it is proven that avocado is a very beneficial and powerful fruit with lots of benefits.

Here are 12 health benefits of avocado that are proven scientifically by researchers.

1. Avocado consist lots of Nutrients

According to the researchers on an average if you take one-fifth of an avocado approximately 40 gram you will get nutrients as follow

1.64 calories

2. Almost 6 gram of fat

3. 3.4 gram of carbohydrate

4. Less than o gram of sugar

5. About 3 gram of fiber

Avocado is a great source of minerals and vitamins it has lots of vitamins, for example, vitamin C, E, K, and B-6 as well as magnesium and potassium

2. Avocado has more potassium as compared to bananas

Avocados rich in potassium if you take 100 grams of avocado it provides 14% of potassium in it as compared to 1 banana of hundred gram it only contains 10% of potassium in it which it is less than avocado. as a result, avocados consists of more potassium as compared to bananas.

3. It is beneficial in vision

In our eyes, there are two tissues present that are important for our vision lutein and zeaxanthin. Avocados contain a good amount of lutein and zeaxanthin in it.

4. People Who eat Avocado are more fit and healthier

It is proven that people who eat more avocado are generally healthy as compared to people who don’t eat avocado cause avocado contains more amount of nutrition and minerals which help their body in keeping healthy. It is good for our vision and the cardiovascular system.

5. Decrease chances of depression

If you eat any kind of food or fruit which contains a high level of folate then it will help in protecting you from depression. Avocados contain a high level of folate it is helpful in reducing the chances of causing depression. Checkout If you want to boost your testosterone level.

6. Lots of Fiber Present in Avocado

Just like other minerals fiber is also a nutrient that presents in avocado in a high amount. That can help the human body in maintaining blood pressure sugar levels and metabolism rates.

7. Avocado prevents us from cancer

There is a very small amount of evidence present that avocado may be helpful in cancer treatment and prevention. However, these studies and research are just done on isolated cells we don’t know what happens inside people.

8. Help in loosing weight

Avocados are helpful in losing weight as it has the capability of burning our fat and balancing our metabolic rate.

9. Healthy digestion

It is helpful in healthy digestion as it repairs our digestive system and makes our immune system strong. Helpful in removing impurities from our blood and keeping us hydrated

10. Protect from chronic disease

After studies and research are it is proven that it has a high amount of fiber which helps in protecting us from chronic diseases for example heart stroke hypertension diabetes obesity and certain other diseases.

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